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What Is APD?

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is colloquially referred to as a “listening disorder”. It should not be confused with a hearing loss that refers to a loss of acuity as a result of ear pathology. APD is a disorder of the auditory centers in the brain. There is a deficit in the way auditory information is being processed or interpreted by the brain. One way to describe auditory processing is “what we do with what we hear”.

APD is a complex disorder. It can arise as part of a neurological or disease process such as head injuries, tumours, degenerative disorders, viral infections, surgical compromise, hyperbilirubinemia, concussions and hereditary factors. It can also co-exist with other disorders such as attention deficit disorder, speech and language delays, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, pervasive developmental disorder, sensory integration disorder, visual perceptual deficits and hearing loss.

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How CAPDOTS™ Helps

CAPDOTS™ is an online, dichotic (listening to different things in each ear simultaneously), listening training program for Auditory Processing Disorder (APD); a deficit in the processing of auditory information. This includes impairments in various skills such as localizing, discriminating sounds, processing multiple inputs and hearing in background noise.

Who CAPDOTS™ Helps

CAPDOTS™ is suitable for anyone with APD over the age of 5. It has been successfully used by those with learning disabilities, dyslexia, and for those with hearing impairment.

Candidates for CAPDOTS™ include those with the following symptoms:

  • has difficulty understanding speech in noisy situations
  • has trouble hearing in groups
  • has trouble listening
  • has a short attention span, is easily distracted
  • becomes anxious or stressed when required to listen
  • does not always answer when called
  • has difficulty following complex, multi-step directions
  • may have an unusual sensitivity to loud sounds
  • seems to hear, but not understand what people say


After a few weeks of beginning the program, you may observe enhancements in your conversational abilities, verbal expression, engagement, and attentiveness. Nevertheless, to attain the maximum benefit from the program, it is essential to finish it entirely.

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You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

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