Better Hearing in Sanford: Turn Up the Volume on Life!

Have you ducked out of parties because you couldn’t distinguish your friends’ conversations from the other noises in the room? Have you stopped chatting with friends about your favorite TV shows because it’s too hard to understand them? Do you get frustrated because everyone seems to be mumbling? A lot of people feel embarrassed that they might have a hearing loss problem—some try to hide it as long as they can.

But please don’t feel embarrassed—you aren’t alone! More than 48 million other people in the United States struggle with hearing loss too! In fact, our own audiologist Dr. Angela Bright Pearson very personally understands you—she has also struggled with and overcome hearing loss and understands the whole process of hearing tests, finding the right hearing aids, etc. She hears you! Dr. Bright Pearson and our whole team are ready to listen to you—how does that sound?

Sound Solutions for Hearing Loss in Sanford

Dr. Bright Pearson and our experienced team of hearing professionals focus exclusively audiology. Local physicians recognize Dr. Bright Pearson as a hearing health care authority in the Sanford area and send many patient referrals to our outpatient hearing rehabilitation center for:

Top Notch Audiology Services – When you notice the symptoms of hearing loss, the sooner you have your hearing tested the better. Dr. Bright Pearson will discuss your symptoms with you and run several diagnostic tests to discover the reasons behind your hearing loss. This will help us find the right hearing solutions for you. Click here to learn more…

Advanced Hearing Aids & Accessories – Today’s hearing aids are realms above and beyond your grandparents’ hearing aids. They are more sensitive, more customizable, and very high tech; they even synch with your mobile devices to fit your needs even more precisely. Not only that, but they are smaller, lighter and less obtrusive while they help you rediscover the rich sound environment all around you. Click here to find out more about hearing aids and accessories…

Overcoming Communication Challenges with Assistive Devices – Making communication easier is more than just hearing tests and hearing aids, although those are absolutely crucial. There are also a host of other devices that can help you get your point across and understand your friends and family better, in a number of different situations. Dr. Bright Pearson can help you find the solutions that are just right for you. Click here to find out how…

Hearing Loss Prevention – Hearing Loss is usually progressive and gradual, although there are many cases in which people with certain occupations, health conditions and those who live in certain environments run a higher risk for it than others. In that case, Dr. Bright Pearson is ready to help you prevent hearing loss before it happens, or before it gets worse. To protect your hearing so that you can enjoy those voices and songs and sounds that you love, click here to learn more…

Hearing Health Care in an Atmosphere Customized Just for You

The moment you step into Bright Audiology, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place for better hearing and understanding. We make fresh cookies and coffee every morning to welcome and help you relax and feel at home right away! We have a flexible appointment setup to help accommodate busy schedules, and often hold little ice cream socials and other events including our annual Christmas open house. We even call you on your birthday and send you Christmas letters, get well cards when you aren’t feeling well and sympathy cards to let you know we are there for you during the most difficult times. Our patients are our family!

Do you want to jump back into the conversation and love the sounds of life all over again? We can help you today!

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